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Company profile
Zhejiang Lujian Capsule Co., Ltd was established in 1992, is a professional engaged in medicinal plants and natural hollow capsules halal capsules and capsules manufacturer, located in scenic Castle Industrial Zone Xinchang. Department of State Food and Drug Administration and key enterprises in Zhejiang Province quality demonstration units Shou credibility. Company production workshop designed and built according to GMP, the capsule has advanced automatic production lines, annual output of various specifications of models (00 #, 0 #, 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 #) mechanism of the hollow capsules 6000000000. 2002 Association of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Science and Technology Daily, Business Association of Zhejiang Province as a "fine-tech products in Zhejiang Province" by Zhejiang Province, in 2003 the Office of enterprises to promote the integrity, quality market research in Zhejiang Province Office, Zhejiang Daily reported that groups as early as the newspaper industry today as a "quality of Zhejiang Province, observe good faith" demonstration unit. 2004 China Light Product Quality Assurance Center, as "quality, credibility, double the protection of the model unit." In 2004 through ISO9001 quality management system certification; in 2005 was named the "China Quality Around the World" quality, service, integrity unit of the credibility of AAA grade. 2006 survey by the Chinese business integrity as the quality of the work of the Commission standards, the user at ease AAA level enterprise. June 17, 2008 U.S. FDA certification, registration number: 14659455912. Zhejiang is the only FDA-certified a capsule through the enterprise. 70% of products sold in Europe and America.                                               
         Lujian Capsule Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jian, general manager . Taiwan-Ho Cheng Wen-Xiong Li, general manager of enterprise, complementary advantages, in-depth cooperation mechanism to establish mutual trust, improve service quality. Customers to produce high-quality medicinal hollow capsules. Companies equipped with advanced printing equipment capsule according to the customer request for the axial, circumferential, directed two-color printing.
        Green entered the health, we hold true to customer, treat people the concept of good faith, adhere with strong quality and integrity to create a fully interactive platform for business customers, and create good future of the Green bodybuilding.
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